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Language TAMIL
Subtitles NO
Format NTSC
Year 2010

    Description of the Movie


The film opens with the beautifully shot pub song 'Inda Iravu Daan Pogude' (Sukhwinder Singh's voice is a treat). Suddenly, a girl (on a two wheeler) is being chased by a group of drunken boys at night, which ends in an accident; the girl dies on the spot. The police take the boys into custody and ACP Sangaiya (Samuthirakani) files an FIR against them. Now Chezhian (Vaibhav), only son of minister Deivanayagam (AL. Azhagappan) comes to their rescue. ACP Sangaiya is helpless, but has to obey the orders of his higher authorities.

Chezhian comes across Reshma (Aparna) and it is love at first sight for him. When Chezhian rescues Reshma from a rave party raid, she is also smitten by him. But there is a twist in the tale. Chezhian gets kidnapped suddenly, ACP Sangaiya starts his investigation, which is followed by some new twists and a gruesome flashback! Who kidnapped Chezhian? Why? Easan has the answers! Remember, apart from all these people, there is one mysterious character in the film, in fact a new entrant to Kollywood

The story takes place in Subramaniapuram area of Madurai city.A convict is released from the prison in the year 2008 and is stabbed outside the prison gates.
It is 1980 and Azaghar (Jai), Paraman (M. Sasikumar), Kaasi (Ganja Karuppu), Dopa and Dumka, a polio-stricken physically challenged person, are part of a set of close friends, who are unemployed and pass their time drinking liquor and fooling around on the streets opposite the house of an ex-councillor Somu. Kanugu (Samuthirakani) is his brother. Apart from them the family consists of Somu's wife, their three children including Tulasi (Swathi) and Tulasi's uncle.
The five friends, particularly Paraman and Azhagu, often end up in jail due to frequent fights they land themselves in. Cops get a call from someone complaining about these friends each time they manage to do something wrong. Every time they are arrested, Kanugu and Somu bail them out immediately. In the meantime, Azhagu and Tulasi develop mutual feelings for each other. Paraman is against his friend developing feelings for a girl and Azhagu not heeding to his friends thoughts throw up quite a few funny scenes.
There are signs of things to come when Somu is not selected in a local Temple's committee for a function. Things take a sudden turn just before intermission when Somu loses his party's councillor post and is ridiculed by his wife for being jobless. This leads Kanugu to lock himself up in a lodge and drink all day. He makes sure the friends hear about him and come to see him. He requests them to murder the person who was chosen for councillor's post ahead of his brother. Azhagu, Paraman and Kaasi hatch a plan and execute the person almost perfectly. The first half ends here with them running away after the murder leaving a cycle behind.
The second half begins with the cops finding out that Paraman and Azhagu have committed the murder with the help of the cycle left behind by them. They surrender themselves before the court hoping that Kanugu will bail them out soon. But they come in for rude shock when they come to know through Kaasi that Somu has been selected for councillor's post and is avoiding their contact. They come to terms with reality and stay helpless in jail where they befriend a fellow inmate. He learns their situation and decides to help them. He bails them out.
The same friend who aided these guys expects a favor from them which is to kill his brother-in-law for murdering his sister. Accomplishing this task, these guys now look out for killing Kanugu who cheated them. In the meantime, Tulasi and Azaghu continue to meet up. This leads to Azhagan almost getting killed by Kanugu's men. The friends strike back killing those men later in the day. A few days later they end up hurting Tulasi's uncle in their bid to kill Kanugu. To save his life from the clutches of these buddies, Kanugu sets a trap for Azhagar using Tulasi as bait and kills him using his henchmen. Paraman takes revenge for his friend's death by decapitating Kanugu and laying his head at his friend's murder site. Paraman then calls to Kasi and reveals how he killed Kanugu, during which he sees Somu's henchmen rushing behind Kasi. Kasi betrays Paraman and leaves him at the mercy of the henchmen.
The story shifts back to the present day where it's revealed the person who was stabbed outside the prison walls is Kasi. He lies in the hospital in critical condition and is being interrogated by a policeman. The doctor intervenes and asks him to leave, after which Dumka comes in and reveals that it is Dopa who stabbed him and then proceeds to remove his air supply and kills him after reminding him of his betrayal.

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