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DAHSHAT (1981)
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Language HINDI
Subtitles UNKNOWN
Format NTSC
Year 1981

    Description of the Movie

Dr. Samir (Navin Nischol) comes to his home town after a gap of many years to find that it has become a gloomy place with people afraid to move out after dark .There were rumors of corpses escaping their graves.
He determines to investigate and in the process he discovers a hooded grave-robber. This quickly leads to a mob chase in which the fellow is apprehended. But no information could be collected out of the fellow who is actually dumb. Samir's investigations lead him to the door of the local physician Dr. Vishal.Dr. Vishal (Om Shivpuri) is a mysterious and a weird man.
He was actually performing a research to make man "complete" by imbuing him with the heightened sense attributes of various animals.He conducts weird experiments on bats, injecting their blood into apes.
While not inherently vicious,Dr Vishal is an overzealous investigator, not averse to trying out his new researches on patients without their knowledge and consent.
He is also an unsatisfied and unfaithful husband to his alcoholic wife with whom he has frequent quarrels. It is during one of these showdowns that his enraged wife injects him with one of his own serums and he starts to mutate into a hideous monster. This event was going to ensue a saga of horror in which Vishal is forced at various instances to convert to a horrible hybrid animal form leading to brutal murder of several people.

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